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Charging annually price

Create new account for users and charge yearly.

Cheapest accounts start from 5$ per month!


Yes! it’s a big business!

Setup additional panels

Some users wants more access to their cars.

Setup subdomain management panels, do it with additional prices!

Yes! it’s extendable!

Add W-L panels

Setup new panels for other startups! make a competitor for yourself!

Relax! they works for you

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How To Make Money

OnTime Tracking Platform

ontime is a tracking software that includes central software and its clients and focuses on providing tracking services to personal vehicles.

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How it starts

there are FEW EASY ONLINE steps:

step 1

Contact us and fill require information about yourself

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step 2

send your Brand  Name, precious LOGO and your Domain information beside your Server info to us

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 step 3

your Android and iOS application will customize for your Brand

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step 4

Plan for your Marketing and Start the business immediately!

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Features that ontime provides to end users

View car information online

Vehicle off or on status

Vehicle speed

Violation of speed limit

Gps and Gsm antenna status

Car battery voltage

Over Speed Restriction

View tracks that the driver has traveled at an unauthorized speed​

Review History

View trails animated on the map by setting a date​

Online Tracking

See the current location of the car on the map​


View the distance between the current location of the user and the car as a walking, car and direct route to reach the car on the map​

Geo fencing

you can set area and your tracker system can tell you whenever one of your vehicles enters or leaves the area

Events And Alerts

View location of events, on-site work, speed limit, allowable ranges on the route traveled on the map​

Greate Features!?

Let’s try it!

Cars need Attention to stay Healthy!

take care of your car with

Ontime Service and Maintenance features:

– add new services

– config service repeat based on Distance or Time periods

– get report of services

– get notification for up-comming services

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